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Valais Blacknose Sheep Hertfordshire

A Swiss love affair

The Valais Blacknose Sheep have been described as ‘the cutest sheep in the world’ due to their black faces, ears, knees, feet and beautifully shaggy white fluffy fleece as well as their friendly temperament. Both rams and ewes also have the most magnificently engraved spiral horns which start to grow within the first few weeks of birth.

We're set on a small holding in Hertfordshire, breeding, showing and selling Pedigree Valais Blacknose Sheep.

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The Flock : Helvetica

Valais Blacknose Sheep Hertfordshire Helvetica have carefully selected from all corners of the UK, very specific, beautiful and award winning flocks of sheep made up of pedigree and purebred Swiss imports to the UK. All Helvetica breeding stock is registered with Grassroots. Some of the flock are from pure Swiss bloodlines and some are a combination of Swiss and Dutch bloodlines. Particular focus is placed on the individual sheeps care requirements and wellbeing as well as endeavouring to breed the highest quality sheep possible for showing at agricultural shows.

Helvetica’s shepherdess has a particular interest in the behaviour of the sheep, each with their own very unique personality and behaviour traits. All the breeding stock have names including Hiccup, Humpty, Goldeneye, Ebony, Dream Weaver, Clementine and Heidi!

The Breed

Valais Blacknose Sheep are a naturally docile and friendly breed of sheep making them the ideal and somewhat ‘unusual’ pet to keep in the back garden or paddock that makes them quite a talking point!

They originate from the upper Valais in Switzerland making them a particularly hardy sheep that have adapted well to the harsh conditions of the mountains. They have existed since the fifteenth century and today sees approximately 13,700 herd book animals.

They are primarily kept for breeding and showing as well as making great pets and lawnmowers for the back garden! Their beautifully soft balanced fleece is sheared twice a year and is very much sought after to turn into wool and to make soft felt animal figures.