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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Upon transferring your deposit/payment in full, you are bound by the following terms of sale:

All purchases must be secured by paying a 50% deposit, with the balance of the fees payable before collection / delivery.

Any cancelled orders for adult sheep will have deposit fees returned less any costs incurred due to the preparation of the sheep for sale.

Cancelled orders for in-season lambs will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 30% of the deposit fees paid for cancellation notice received up to 1 month prior to collection date. For cancellations within 1 month of collection, a cancellation fee equal to 75% of deposit fees shall be due, with the balance of the deposit being returned to the purchaser within 5 working days of receipt of cancellation notice.

Once sheep, embryos or semen have been paid for and are in the possession of the purchaser then they become the responsibility of the purchaser and we cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred.

Due to the value of the animals / embryo / semen, we advise customers to take out adequate insurance and have a good vet on hand to make sure they are covered in the event something goes wrong.

As with any embryos / semen, there is no guarantee that they will implant / hold successfully, this is a risk taken by the purchaser and replacement embryos / semen shall not be provided in the event that an implantation is unsuccessful.

Where rams are being purchased, the ram’s reproductive abilities will be guaranteed for a period of up to six [6] months from the date of purchase, with any claim by a customer that a ram is not capable of siring lambs being backed by a veterinary report showing a clearly dysfunctional semen test based on two samples (this is key as rams often will produce two very different quality samples even if collected at the same test).

Prices quoted exclude transportation (this can be provided at a rate of £1.25 / mile based on a round trip) and any conditions of sale listed above.